ManoMotion enables real-time 2D/3D hand tracking and gesture control. No dedicated hardware. Minimal computing and power requirements.

Mobile app developers exploring AR

Supports Apple iOS and Google Android

Industrial, Enterprise, HMD vendors and OEM solutions

Product integration solutions exploring AR and hand tracking

Power up your iOS and Android based AR solutions with hand tracking and gesture control

ManoMotion is a seasoned team of developers. We have explored machine learning and AI in the context of hand tracking and gesture analysis more than 10 years. Focus is to bring hand tracking functionality to devices using standard and built in camera solutions. Aim is to always use minimal computing resources and minimal power. Our SDK solution are based on the Android and iOS ecosystems. Short term focus is on mobile solutions. But we are also engaged with HMD vendors and we see new type of wearables emerging using hand tracking and gesture control as an integrated part of the solution. AR holds fantastic promises for the future – but there is no reason why you should not start building hand tracking and gesture control solutions today.

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